Massicot POLAR 137 XT-AT

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Marque POLAR
Modèle 137 XT-AT
Type massicot
Année 2005
Localisation Allemagne Dabergotz
Mise en ligne sep 11, 2022
Machineryline ID VJ27870
État d'occasion
Informations supplémentaires
Large sized cutting system Polar 137 XT-AT with stacking lifter
automatic vibrator and scale
set up in 2005
The workflow
The cutting material is brought to the left side with a Beladelift to an optimal working height
placed by the operator in the vibrator
shaken there
and then transported via a transfer table element on the front table of the high-speed cutter
Cutting machine Polar 137 XT-AT with Compucut P-net CIP 3 Connecting
built 2005
– Autotrim – waste removal (bay on the table to place a container below or for a connection to a suction
needs to be connected to an existing pressure connection)
– nickel-plated air tables
– 2 knives
Cutting length 1370
insertion depth 1450 mm insertion height max. 165 mm
Pressing pressure 550-5500 daN
front table depth 730 mm
Polar stack lift LW 1000-4
built 2000
Platform 80x126mm
By automatically lifting the material to be cut
the operator can load
the material into the automatic vibrator or directly into
the cutting machine at an ergonomically favorable working height
The stack lift can also be used for stacking of cutting material and has an adjustable stacking aid
Stacking lifts do not have to be anchored in the ground and can therefore be easily converted
They are equipped with infinitely adjustable retro-reflective sensors for automatic lifting or lowering
Automatic vibrating machine RA-4 with air
built 2003
wiping roller After completion of the shaking process the air is pressed out of the cutting position
They can be spread out 1 or 2 times
whereby the pressing pressure of the first spreading process is adjustable and with an inclined table also “spread out in between”
Table size 900x1150mm stainless steel-plated Layer height
min. 30 mm
layer height man. 165 mm
table height 860 – 950 mm
Compressed air requirement at 6 – 8 bar approx. 2L / min
sheet scale – Polar Mohr counting scale for platform
for creating precise cutting positions
Polar Transomat 1 ER 130-4 for unloading
built 2002 – overhauled
Places split and undivided layers automatically on pallets while rescoring them at the same time
This reduces production costs by 25 to 70 percent
depending on the cutting program
Thanks to the patented
movable pallet tip
the POLAR Transomat achieves particularly high edge accuracy
Increase of productivity: Stacking at the same time as cutting
– Improvement of quality: Particularly edge-exact stacks can be processed directly and faster
included option
Automatic format setting – Simplified operation
as the format setting is fully automatic via sensor
complete protection housing
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