Mini-pelle Sany SY75-8

mini-pelle Sany SY75-8
mini-pelle Sany SY75-8
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mini-pelle Sany SY75-8 image 3
mini-pelle Sany SY75-8 image 4
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14 000 $US
≈ 13 170 €
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Marque:  Sany
Modèle:  SY75-8
Type:  mini-pelle
Année:  01/2019
Nombre d'heures:  560 m/h
Capacité de charge:  7500 kg
Poids net à vide:  7500 kg
Localisation:  Chine
Mise en ligne:  30 mars 2024
Machineryline ID:  ZF36565
Profondeur de bêchage:  72 m
Rayon de creusage:  6.5 m
Hauteur de déversement:  4.2 m
Dimensions hors-tout:  6.5 m × 2.2 m × 2.7 m
Volume du godet:  0.3 m³
Boîte à outils: 
Marque:  Isuzu
Type:  en ligne
Carburant:  diesel
Euro:  Euro 2
Chenilles en caoutchouc: 
Émetteur-récepteur radio: 
Chauffage autonome:  Hydronic
Équipement supplémentaire
Équipement pour bulldozer: 
Godet standard: 
Équipement rotatif de bulldozer: 
État:  d'occasion
Peinture d'origine: 
Garantie:  1 an

Informations supplémentaires — Mini-pelle Sany SY75-8

Our company is a professional company that specializes in selling all kinds of second-hand construction machinery and equipment. Including the second-hand cranes, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, rollers, graders, truck cranes ,forklifts, etc. We have rich experience in export trade to Southeast Asia ,Africa, Europe, the Middle East, etc. Export customers, such as commodity inspection, customs declaration, customs clearance, shipping, export tax agency service will also be provided. The company has the stable cooperation relationship with major shipping companies and professional customs declaration companies, providing you with sea and land transportation services at any time, providing reliable credit guarantee for your goods to arrive at the destination port i timely, and has a considerable advantage in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia and Vietnam. Our company adheres to the principle of good faith management and enthusiastic service, and has been praised and affirmed by many new and old customers. The company looks to the past, creates the future, receives the profit again, uses our best service to warmly welcome you to come to discuss the contact.

Business hours, 24 hours, holidays and Sundays
Please remember that we are always at your service .my phone number,WeChat WhatsAppafficher les coordonnées Kevin

Service process:

1) Help you book the comfortable hotel and pick you up at the airport
2) Machines inspection, introduction of product model and performance; On site trial run, price agreed upon by both parties after satisfaction; Set a price, discuss the price according to the condition of the machine, and sign a sales contract ; Arrange delivery after negotiation
3) show you around Shanghai

1)provide the guarantee of the machines which can work well more than 6 years after your good maintaince and the consumptive spare parts assistance will be provided after u receive the machines.

Price: Negotiable
Location: shanghai, China
Payment: 30% advanced by T/T and the balance once upon machine lading. the BL will be sent to u within 7 days after the ship leaves departure port.

We have many ways of Safe, fast and trustable delivery:
1.Container: cheapest and fast.
2.Bulk cargo ship: higher cost than container and no need to dismantle.
3.Flat rack ship: higher cost than container and no need to dismantle.
4.RO RO ship: higher cost than container and no need to dismantle.
You can choose your favorite depend on your own requirements .
Delivery: Within 5 working days after confirmation .
L'offre est présentée uniquement à titre informatif. Veuillez contacter le vendeur pour plus d'informations.
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